Lust for Life

For as long as i can remember I've had this insatiable desire to experience as much as I can in my the short time I have here on this spinning orb. I don't believe in heaven or reincarnation so my mantra has always been, "you have one life to live, so live your dreams, don't just talk about them!"

My life before becoming a father was all about lifestyle and I took full advantage of it. In 2001 my girlfriend and I took a trip that would change our lives for the next ten years. We went backpacking through Europe for five glorious weeks. Upon our return home we realized we had been bitten by the travel bug. We wanted more! In 2003 we spent two months traveling through S.E. Asia. We went to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia! It was absolutely unbelievable, I loved every second of it. That trip inspired our next. In 2005 my girlfriend and I quit our jobs, sold our possessions and traveled abroad for thirteen months straight. We took this trip because we were in a unique time in our lives were we didn't have a mortgage payment, kids or a career to hold us back. On that trip we learned to make wine in New Zealand, went bungee jumping, paragliding and skydiving. The four months we spent in China we studied Mandarin two days a week and kung fu three days a week for a month. We traveled all over China. When we tired of it we hoped on a plane for India. We traveled from the southern tip on India all the way up the west coast and into the semi-autonomous state of Sikkim in the Himalayas to do some trekking. I learned so much on that trip. I learned I love culture, history, food, diversity, tolerance, and understanding. I learned I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my girlfriend. It's been 18 years and we are still together. I learned on that trip I was an artist and was denying myself the potential of making a career out of my creative talents. A few years after returning home I became a full-time professional artist and my career has been growing ever since. I also learned I wanted to be a father on that trip and I now have two beautiful boys.

I lost a friend two days ago (Jan 2018) to suicide. I don't want to get into the whole reason or psychology behind why people do it or why they become so incredibly sad and hopeless. But I can't help but think about everything they will miss out on, all those experience they will never have which, if they did could reshape their lives in unforeseeable ways and propelled them into new and exciting direction. Life can get overwhelming at time, and not to trivialize it, but it's like the weather or the economy, it's cyclical, so let's not forget how beautiful and exciting the world can be if you take advantage of all it has to offer.