I began to draw at a young age, I taught myself while in math class and social studies. I was constantly drawing and I simply didn’t have much interest in many other subjects. Although I wasn’t interested in a formal art education I did entertain the idea for a couple of years before making a conscious decision to drop out and travel the world in lieu of an art degree and explore my own methods of self-education.

After many years traveling domestically and abroad I decided to take all of my worldly knowledge to Asheville, NC, and hone my craft. What was once a hobby is now a career.

I enjoy the unexpected, art which can make you think, but also make you smile. I tend to focus my artistic energy on the imagination and allow the technique to develop organically.

I find it important to evolve as an artist, being a constructive self-critic is an important part of becoming a better artist. I agree cohesion is important (especially within the confines of an individual exhibition) but banality can kill inspiration so I place a fair amount of importance on experimentation, to keep my creative spirit excited and inspired about what I am creating.  

My paintings, if executed properly, should speak for themselves without the need for explanation. However, I relish in knowing that each person will interpret the same image a little differently and I’m happy with that.