I'm addicted to Shame! The Shame I'm referring to is a new post-punk band out of South London who released their debut album on January 12th 2018 titled Songs of Praise. They're sound is reminiscent of late 80's early 90's post-punk. They're sound isn't all that original but it's gritty, clever, catchy, angry and in your face! They make me want to sing along with my upper lip curled up to one side like Johnny Rotten or Billy Idol.

Let's be honest, there is a lot to be angry about these days so it's no surprise an album like this has emerge from the ashes of Brexit, Trump and the reemergence of racism. Do we need more angry white men? Perhaps that's exactly what we need, someone or something that represents the feeling of those of us who stand firmly against the hatred coming at us from the "Right" like a freight train on fire! Their lyrics aren't all that political, but the feeling, the rage, the angst is all there screaming, subvert the dominate paradigm! In an album review written by Eve Barlow on, she states, " If Shame belong to a generation of mobilizing British refuseniks teetering on an uprising, Songs of Praise is its soundtrack, whistling like a kettle coming to the boil."

I've been a music fanatic my entire life and yet I've been so uninspired by the current trends in music. This album makes me want to be in the studio creating work that speaks loudly, has a message and makes people feel something. With any hope, this will create a snowball effect.